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Starting a business can be hard. Frightening. Uncertain.

Patient advocacy has been characterized as a "booming profession." It is. In an increasingly fragmented healthcare system, advocates who can help patients navigation through the uncertainty are increasingly valuable. Nurses can utilize their years of experience and training to advocate, educate, and guide their patients and their families to achieving optimal wellness. 

Advocates are also paving the way and setting the standard for other nurses to follow. iRNPAs have demonstrated an earning potential of $75-$200/hour depending on experience and region of practice. This is your opportunity to build a profitable practice that allows and encourages you to grow personally and professionally.



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Our business in a box solution includes...

  • All Client Paperwork

  • Inclusion onto the HMRN website

  • Business Cards and Letterhead Design

  • New Client Workflow

  • Guide to Networking

  • Guide to Marketing

  • Legal Aspects and Referrals

  • Insurance Recommendations

  • Business Plan Template

  • Guide to Finances: Taxes and Accounting

  • 5 hours of phone call support to guide your business start up

  • Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office


HMRN Business in a Box plans are completely customizable, so whether you need the entire plan or only want certain aspects of it, we can assist you. Please send us an email and we can arrange a time to assess your needs and create a plan that fits your goals.


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[My advocate] is both compassionate and detail oriented; the perfect mix for a nurse and an advocate! She quickly absorbed my background and goals for the medical history project and produced a meticulous timeline and other materials that have proved invaluable in establishing a new medical network in my home.

Portland, OR



I really appreciated the support and guidance I received both for myself and my family. It put us all at ease to have an advocate in our corner. This made a huge difference in my ability to advocate for myself and to navigate what I was going through.

Portland, OR



My nurse advocate has been invaluable to my husband and me in finding appropriate care and placement for my sister who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's Disease. She reviewed and commented on every suggested treatment option and referred us to appropriate professionals for further assistance.

Portland, OR