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The Health Manager RN network is your professional, working organization. As a network member, you will receive referrals that come into Health Manager RN. These client referrals will then be distributed to network members by location. Each network member will have a profile page on our website with a photo, contact information, and biographical information. Prospective clients can search for local Health Manager RNs by state.

Even if you choose not to purchase our business in a box solution, we offer a monthly subscription that will give you access to the following:


  • Leading medical journal postings of informative, up-to-date articles from credible news sources, both national and global. (Lancet, JAMA, NEJM, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Journal of Holistic Nursing, Nutrition Horizon News, Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, and others).

  • Our medical library includes national speaker videos and presentations on current topics.

  • The ability to connect with other Health Manager RNs across the country to share ideas, challenges and successes.

  • Online discussion forums in topics such as marketing and business considerations.


  • Blogs and conversation boards that network members can host.


  • Current articles of interest from a variety of reliable sources gathered by Health Manager RNs like yourself. 


  • Monthly conference calls: these are valuable monthly conference calls that include: a presentation by a national physician or specialist on topics of great interest  - leading edge material conference calls also include a detail analysis of a pre-selected case presentation by a Health Manager RN network member. 

  • Our founders are at your disposal for telephone conferences.  



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We offer two distinct paths:


Our business in a box solution, or


Our monthly subscription for RNs who have an established practice but want to be a part of a network of experienced RN advocates. 


Irrespective of the path, our goal remains the same. To empower RNs to provide the best possible care and service to their patients. 



[My advocate] is both compassionate and detail oriented; the perfect mix for a nurse and an advocate! She quickly absorbed my background and goals for the medical history project and produced a meticulous timeline and other materials that have proved invaluable in establishing a new medical network in my home.

Portland, OR



I really appreciated the support and guidance I received both for myself and my family. It put us all at ease to have an advocate in our corner. This made a huge difference in my ability to advocate for myself and to navigate what I was going through.

Portland, OR



My nurse advocate has been invaluable to my husband and me in finding appropriate care and placement for my sister who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's Disease. She reviewed and commented on every suggested treatment option and referred us to appropriate professionals for further assistance.

Portland, OR