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Emotional Health Institute:


I am Linda Feehery, BSN, RN. I have loved nursing for the last 10 years and served many walks of life, young and old, families, veterans, all very dear to me. I worked mostly on the cardiac floor treating illnesses like heart attacks, heart failures, and surgeries as well as diabetes and other chronic illnesses. I have loved working with my patients and had hoped to help those I served to heal and move into health and well-being. Often though I found they were in a cycle within their own illness and unable to move out of it. I also saw how confused my patients were about their own illness and treatments doctors prescribed for them. Most of the doctors did not help them to understand enough so they could fully embrace their condition. I often stepped in and provided that bridge for them.

In my own health and wellness journey, I began to notice health issues that I did not want to remain with. As I learned about and began to address conditions from a root cause perspective through functional medicine, nutrition and other health modalities, I began to find the health I was hoping for. I have learned there are many components of health that all affect each other and true health and wellness comes from balancing all of them.

I live in San Antonio Texas, married to my high school sweetheart and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. As an RN Patient Advocate, I am now on this path of helping people better understand their health, illnesses, and choices they have, whether they are looking for traditional, integrative, or alternative approaches to how they want to heal. I certified with the Independent RN Patient Advocate program through the University of Arizona in 2017 and the International Nurse Coach Association in 2019. I am board certified in Holistic Nursing, Health and Wellness Nurse Coaching, RN Patient Advocacy, and certified in Emotional Resolution.

I am excited and hopeful to help others find the health and wellness they desire by walking with them through their journey of discovering choices and making decisions. As a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach, I can also help people discover and work through barriers, whether from within or from without, to their life and wellness goals. 



[My advocate] is both compassionate and detail oriented; the perfect mix for a nurse and an advocate! She quickly absorbed my background and goals for the medical history project and produced a meticulous timeline and other materials that have proved invaluable in establishing a new medical network in my home.

Portland, OR



I really appreciated the support and guidance I received both for myself and my family. It put us all at ease to have an advocate in our corner. This made a huge difference in my ability to advocate for myself and to navigate what I was going through.

Portland, OR



My nurse advocate has been invaluable to my husband and me in finding appropriate care and placement for my sister who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's Disease. She reviewed and commented on every suggested treatment option and referred us to appropriate professionals for further assistance.

Portland, OR